Full Version: 1200 sat.EVERY Hour!(288 k sat./day&PAYING+proofs)!
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1200 sat.EVERY Hour!(288000 sat./day&PAYING+proofs)!
3000 satoshi EACH Claim
[Image: medium.gif]
[b]3000 satoshi / 150 min

Its owner a high ranked forum member.[/b]
Minimum w/d :100.000 satoshi
 Rate: 20 satoshi/min
 Max. Claim: 3,000 satoshi
Latest INSTANT Withdrawl:
[Image: OtASoEf2Rw_sYYGOfCg6cA.jpg]
[Image: eOU0v1NQT5yX4ZzvxwwKHQ.jpg]
The withdrawals are now working again, we apologize for the issue but damn we have fighted with serious misconfigurations of PHP and its extensions till now for almost 16 hours.
When a conflict occurs it's always a pain because you know you must start from bottom once again... Thank God everything's running smoothly now, especially the server with its ~2 seconds of load time!
Let us remind you that if you are yet facing ACCOUNT SUSPENDED either CONNECTION TIMED OUT / REFUSED means your ISP is still connected to the old broken server!
Flush your DNS cache, browser cookies and try with a different network if you want to avoid the DNS propagation.
Anyhow at this point we see most of the important countries with updated IP:
Back stronger than ever before
The site is back to normal.It's up and paying.
Latest INSTANT Withdrawl:
[Image: OtASoEf2Rw_sYYGOfCg6cA.jpg]
Latest INSTANT Withdrawl:
[Image: OtASoEf2Rw_sYYGOfCg6cA.jpg]
[Image: eOU0v1NQT5yX4ZzvxwwKHQ.jpg]