Full Version: Anti-Adblock problem
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Hi,today I decided to take a look at this forum I have my adblock disabled here but the dialog box still appear everytime I refresh the page,It becomes annoying please fix it.
I have noticed this too. Let me see and fix it up. Smile
I thought it was only me. Thanks @Aveatrex for opening it up here and @Zenithin for the response
I had the same problem yesterday but it seems to be fine today
I don't have this issue as my browser does not have Ad Blocker plugin. Nevertheless, I will be replicating your steps to see if the problem occur on my part (and fix it). Thank you for reporting it.

Edited: Oh. This is a very laughable joke. So the problem is because that to save server space and time, I decided not to upload the JavaScript code on TheBitZone server. I linked it over from server. I forgot to pay my invoice for FreeBitcoinLottery server and the website was suspended. Hence the JavaScript code cannot be loaded and so the 'annoying' pop-up keep appearing.

I paid it a few days back. So there is not much of a problem now. I will be disabling the linking and upload the JavaScript to TheBitZone's server to prevent this kind of problem again.
Seems to be fixed already. Not seeing the pop-up anymore. Just to confirm, thanks