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The best bitcoin wallet
Personally,I have four bitcoin wallets,my first was blockchain wallet,my second is Xapo wallet,the third is Coinbasr wallet and the fourth is wallet,I opened the last wallet because I needed somewhere to store my Dogecoin and while the first three wallets were exclusively for bitcoin,the fourth wallet can be used to store both Dogecoin and litecoin.
I have never done any bitcoin transaction with the wallet because my personal favourite is Xapo wallet,the security of that wallet is astonishing and they don't charge a penny for bitcoin transactions so you don't have to worry about your bitcoin bouncing around the internet without nobody confirming the transaction,since i discovered Xapo,it has remained at the top of my favourites list.
What is your favourite wallet and why do u love it?
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I don't trust wallet that is on the browser because they have many bad reviews. My first bitcoin wallet was multibit and I switched to electrum because more people is using that. Nothing fancy about it but electrum is more secure than your xapo or
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I also liked wallets that charged no transaction fees. But the verification process for some wallets exchangers is a bit inconvenience. So I do like Xapo, Coinbase and ​
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As fast as they send the bitcoins I like xapo, but i hate security checks with mobile.

As good as they send bitcoins we have localbitcoins but the fees are a little too high.

Greenbtc for the win!
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I am currently using coinomi which is easyto swich currency and for my personal wallet very easy to used..
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(01-08-2017, 10:30 AM)Collinberg Wrote: What is your favourite wallet and why do u love it?

I use Electrum and Blockchain. Electrum to store big number of bitcoin because it is more secure that way. Blockchain for quick access from anywhere at anytime. But I only store small number of btc on blockchain because it is not very secure. Want to try mycelium but my android phone not enough space to download. Sad
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Same here! my favourite bitcoin wallet is Xapo because they have no fees! But they are introducing fees recently for external transaction. But still a lot of faucet gave bonus because internal send do not have any fee. I hope TheBitZone pay by xapo also so that the fees is low. Anyone know what this forum pay by?
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This forum is basically,you earn shares posting threads/posts,and after a certain amount of time these shares get converted into bitcoins (plus earnings of the site is higher plus shares will be more worthful).
See here for more details:
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If you want to earn bitcoins through faucets, I would also prefer Xapo wallet. Unlike other wallets that uses blockchain, Xapo has no withdrawal fees in many bitcoin faucets.
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