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Faucet FREEBITCOINS.COM 35 Satoshi every minute or 350 every hour. Payment verified
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I think I've done it. I've found the best faucet.

It is actually a CLAM faucet not a BTC one but its really easy to collect and then sell them on Polo or Bittrex so I'm posting it here. 1 CLAM is trading for .0035 BTC at the moment. Thats around 5$.

The best part? Each claim/ click is paid instantly to your CLAM wallet and clears in 5 minutes.

Step 1: Login to your Poloniex or Bittrex account and create a CLAM address (you should have an account with one of these guys by now. If not, get one)

Or you can choose one of the suggested web wallets on this page

Step 2:
 Visit the Faucet then click on the big blue Try IT Now! button. Enter your CLAM address. No registration required.

You can claim from the faucet every minute for .0001 Clam (35 satoshi) or every hour for .001 Clam (350 Satoshi).

           The timers are seperate so you can claim from both (you dont need to wait for the 60 min timer to run out to claim from the min timer)  
           No registration is required for the .0001 faucet. To unlock the .001 faucet, you need sign up.
Each faucet click/claim is sent instantly to your Polo/ Bittrex account and is verified within 5 minutes. No tx fees. No huge withdrawal thresholds! .

           Just hit the back button if you want to claim again.

Step 3: Exchange your Clam instantly for BTC! Its that easy. Or keep them. Up to you.

Clam is being pumped right now so each claim might be worth much more by the time you read this.

Remember, this is a faucet so you wont get rich overnight but 350 Sat every hour is definitely better that any other faucet out there. Each click is immediately credited to your exchange account so no waiting for weeks. Good luck.

Visit the Faucet Here

Payment Proof:

[Image: taAM9Nt.jpg]

Clam/ BTC on Poloniex:

[Image: cfPYAOX.jpg]
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This seems to be really nice info. Thanks for this awesome thread.
Together We Grow ! Together we Rise .
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Thanks Zenithin, It means a lot coming from you. I hope you're enjoying the faucet.

Also, good luck with your new pursuits!
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I will post updates or changes Here:

Update May 28: The hourly faucet is currently down for "maintenance" but the minutely (is that a word?) faucet is still up and paying direct. I'll update once the hourly faucet is back up.

Update June 1: The minute faucet just gave me .00001, I guess the high prices of btc is affecting it.
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What do you guys think about the faucet? Has any body else tried it out and can vouch for it as well? Bitcoingeek?   Please leave a comment below.

I haven't found any other faucet that even comes close to this one.
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I haven't tried it yet. I'll check maybe later and give feedback here.
Tested site where we can earn BTC?
 Read the REMINDERS & post in Gather Bitcoin section
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Great, thanks for checking it out     Big Grin
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