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BitcoinTowns/Heroes -- Upcoming Game Design
I am reserving this post to post here about the design of the game under development.
I would keep this updated and any suggestions would be reflected here. 

Current Plan:

You are a hero with command of a village/town.
You have a few people who are behind you in whatever you do. 
It is now on you to turn this group of people and the town into biggest empire of the whole region.


The hero is only person in the game you can control unless you have attacked another town or you are under attack. 
Hero can roam around the world and explore new areas. 
Fight Thugs and Wild Animals to clear away land for your people to use.
Discover safe places to expand your village/town.
Discover other towns and villages.
Declare war on other towns villages.

Expansion of Town 

 Villagers can build following buildings:
1. Houses --> Produce More villagers who make more buildings and increase resource production.
2. Army Buildings --> Train Army
3. Temples/Religious Buildings --> Your people stay hopeful, do not revolt and feel lucky. Priests heal your army.
4. Resource Collection Buildings --> Will collect wood from trees, Gold from Mines etc.
5. Defence -->Watch Towers for your defense

Gold Mines

Gold mines in the game would be the crucial factor.
  • Player Gold Mines --> Every player on reaching a fixed level would get a gold mine in his base. This would be a small gold mine which produce less gold.                                If you are attacked and you lost, your gold mine will be controlled by the victor.
  • Map Gold Mines --> At some specific places in map there would be big gold mines which produce huge Gold . These can be controlled by anyone who ever                              can build and sustain a building there. You can make extra defenses to protect this mine from attackers. 
There would be some limited gold mines on the Map. These mines would produce gold which would be exchangeable for Real Bitcoins. The amount of gold produced will depend on various factors like game revenue , age of gold mine and its location.
The whole point of game would be to have control over these mines as whosoever has control over these gold mines would be able to get maximum gold hence earn maximum bitcoins.
In case you are in an alliance the gold produces would get divided in the alliance partners of the agreement which partners would agree at time of joining the alliance. 


Players can form Alliances to save them from attacks of others or to take on an powerful enemy. 
When joining an alliance the leader of alliance will have absolute right to take you in his team or not.
(You may have to pay resources to get accepted in alliance or maybe share a goldmine you might have found . In case you are powerful the Alliance Leader may pay you instead for coming in their alliance.)
If you are member of alliance you automatically will get a part of friendly army for your defenses in case of attack.

Attacks And Fights

Your hero while exploring may find new towns and cities. Every town has some defenses. 
To attack another town your hero first has to destroy defenses of the other town. 
Once the defenses are down you can challenge the player for a Battle.
The player may try to pacify you by giving you some resources and you will be unable to attack him for next few days.
Else you both will enter into a turn based battle .
It is possible that two or three players together attack a single player.
Once you win .. you get 25% of all resources of the defendant and control over his goldmine if he has one.
In case you loose .. you loose . (and maybe got an enemy!)

You would be able to put in money to get ahead and make much more eventually . Everything though would be possible to get without investing anything also although it might not be that fast. Money alone will not help you succeed as others may still collude against you and push you to nadir. Smile

Would need to keep an check to tackle bots on this one I guess rest should be good.

Huge project .. I have started working though. :Smile  
Do suggest me anything if you feel that something would create imbalance in game.
Together We Grow ! Together we Rise .
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Together We Grow ! Together we Rise .
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