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Are you an invester, or consumer?
And what did you start you BitCoin journey as?

Personally I'm here to invest, hopefully - gather my Satoshis until I have something worthwhile that I can hock and stash into my savings. I'm at a point in life as a father of three and renting (and working full time) where anything I can put towards home ownership I'll take, no matter how small and unlikely to have a real impact in most people's minds.

So...Yeah...I figure BitCoin is as worth a shot as anything, as I do see signs pointing to it's value probably increasing...Unless I'm an idiot.
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Working with satoshis makes sense to lern the BTC-Universum and how it works at all. If u understand the World of Bitcoin and u know what scam and ponzi site are - then u can work with more money.

I would say im both - costumer and investor. Just for lern and fun.
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I'm more of an investor. I usually use my bitcoin earnings to earn more bitcoin, like in trading. I'm not that type of person who is purchasing bitcoin to spend it somewhere then buy again and do the same thing over again.
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