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Are faucets Sustainable and Profitable any more?
Past year we saw hell lot of changes in Faucet Industry.

1. FaucetBox closing down.

As a result these happened.

Epay revamped its support and removed any fees for faucet owners. 

FaucetSystem was a new entry which provided almost same functionality as the FaucetBox and a seamless integration. brought  a whole new range of options and came out as a popular microwallet service with offerwalls and other features.
(They required to register an account like ePay which did gather some flak initially.)

Adsense has already not been kind on faucets and Bots are on rampage since always. All when bitcoin price is rising like madmen.

So what do you people think Can faucets be sustainable this whole year of 2017? Can they become profitable business for owners again as they were once a few years ago?
Together We Grow ! Together we Rise .
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I noticed that most faucets has reduced their payouts,I know a faucet that used to pay 200 satoshi every 15mins,now they pay 90 satoshi every minute so I think it's basically still the same budget that they're running on
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I do not think faucets will be sustainable after this year at max reason being the traffic is useless totally useless.
Like faucet users are just clicking ads to support faucet owners and they never actually buy anything. So pretty useless traffic.
AdSense is now hard on faucets plus bots are on rampage. So faucets now face a double attack.
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It is difficult to get in many decent bitcoin ad networks now and with income low and with the running costs of faucets, it is hard to offer a worthwhile amount per claim while still making a profit. I think they will lose popularity with users due to the time it takes to claim versus the income gained.
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I personally believe that faucets would have to change to something else. Like maybe Gamify their project or make it content based.
They will have to do something to make people stay because they want to. Otherwise those who are real visitors even they behave just like bots on faucets.. Come enter captcha claim . Leave.

Now why would anyone pay for that? Smile
Together We Grow ! Together we Rise .
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Though faucets never were and never will be a great money earner, they are great for newcomers to test and get into bitcoin. Out of a 100 new faucet users, 90 will probably give up on bitcoin after a week when it dawns on them that they've just earnt 2 cents worth of satoshis for a weeks worth of clicking. But 10 may become intrigued and move on to trying out some exchange sites and investing 100$ or more just to see how it works. That said, i still enjoy faucets a couple times a day.
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I am confused to tap this year Unlike FaucetBox before closing troubled with its clear revenue for another Faucetbox as confusing I'm not sure the faucet will evolve as the past!
Currently Bitcoin really at its peak! Whether to persist for the next few years What are your thoughts on the future of Bitcoin some future?
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Don't think that bitcoin faucets are worthed nowadays,even if you stay allday clicking faucets you won't even earn a damn 1 usd it's alot of effort for little...
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(03-05-2017, 09:17 PM)Aveatrex Wrote: Don't think that bitcoin faucets are worthed nowadays,even if you stay allday clicking faucets you won't even earn a damn 1 usd it's alot of effort for little...
It's true. Very hard to earn a decent income with faucets now. There are few good faucets that worth, and as they are few we aren't able to earn $1 or more daily. Without Adsense nobody could made it worthfully again, no magic formulas at all...
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Facuets can still be alive ,but can't have high payout, now just maintain at around 75-125 satoshi per claim!
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